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Kono Healer, Mendokusai - Episode 1


Alvin (male lead/armored warrior) is trying to make it as an adventurer in a land ravaged by monsters and other such baddies when he ends up getting the bad end of a fight with a bear-like creature only to be saved by the dark elf healer girl Carla (female lead/dark elf) who happens to be passing by except her personality being what it is things turn into an argument which confuses the bear creature even more and then something not in the original manga happens where they get taken back to the bear`s house and some of the manga fans are like "Huh?" but see this is based on a manga that was published online before the comic was serialized called "What Story Is This?" that was set in the same world so the anime staff and manga creators asked to use this space to explain what`s going on also there`s no codes or hidden messages in this just so you know and that`s the deal with episode 1


  • In This World Where Monsters Are Rampant...
  • Alvin (personnage principal / guerrier) se lance en tant qu’aventurier dans un monde où monstres et démons sèment la terreur...

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