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Ijiranai de, Nagatoro-san - Episode 2


Nagatoro torments Senpai by threatening to suck his blood like a vampire and by making him play a nipple-finding game. Senpai escapes to a family restaurant, where he runs into Nagatoro and her friends and discovers something surprising.


  • You Got Your Wish, Senpai!! / `Sup, Senpai?!
  • 「センパイの願望が叶いましたね!!」 / 「ちっす, センパイっ!」
  • Ton souhait s`est réalisé ! / Coucou, c`est moi !
  • Dein Wunsch ging in Erfüllung, Senpai! / Was geht, Senpai?!
  • "Senpai no Ganbou ga Kanaimashita ne!!" / "Chissu, Senpai!"

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