Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls


The era is Heisei 20+ in the reign of the 25th Tokugawa Shogun, Keikou. In the Christian calendar, it is a bit past 2000 in the Empire of Japan.

In the skirts of the Sacred Mount Fuji, there is an enormous school built in a vast area. Its name is Buou Private Academy. All students are children of samurai and while encouraged to study, they spend their days preparing themselves in battles that sometimes put their life at risk.

A peaceful school at first glance, but even there a shadow of turbulence draws near: the rebellious underground activities of discontents that oppose the Tokugawa clan that rules the school. Against the dissident students, the student council executive committee formed the Toyotomi Faction and began their suppression. Now with the Toyotomi Hunting as it became known, the tyranny of the student council escalated further.

The high school student Yagyuu Muneakira who attends the Buou Private Academy and is also the assistant instructor of fencing at the Yagyuu Dojo, while a servant to the Tokunaga family, he was opposed to the excessive oppression of the Toyotomi Hunting. And before Muneakira appeared several girls carrying the names of the ancient swordsmen and generals. Is this the beginning of a commotion that will shake History?

Episodes 18

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