GR: Giant Robo


A remake of Giant Robo, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the tokusatsu, anime and manga series created by Yokoyama Mitsuteru.

That magnificent iron figure has come back with brand new look!

With the original author Mr.Mitsuteru Yokoyama's last wish on their mind, the giant robots strike each other using all their strength!
Forty years ago when Japanese people were into monster movies, there was a Robot cartoon that fascinated many children. The name of the cartoon is "GIANT ROBO" written by Mr. Mitsuteru Yokoyama.
As soon as the cartoon started to appear serially in a magazine "Weekly Shonen Sunday (published by Shougakukan)" from May 1967 it gained wide popularity. Half years later it was made into TV live action drama using special effects which also made a big hit. In 1992 the original video animation "GIANT ROBO the animation the day the earth stood still" was released.

Now it is 2007- new century has come and many people are waiting for the revival of Giant Robo, the monumental work in the field of robot animation genre which is still remembered by a lot of people as if Giant Robo eternally remembered Daisaku Kusama with the voice recognition.
To leave this name in people's mind forever, the new animated version "GIANT ROBO" will launch!

The image of Giant Robo for the new era
What are the features and purpose of releasing the "ultimate version" of Giant Robo?
It is about facing the reality of the 21st century, regenerating the core parts of the original story, and introducing it to the audiences of the new generation as the animated super entertainment.
Next will be introduction of the specific steps and developments of this project.

Dedicated to the memory of Mr.Mitsuteru Yokoyama.

The time is 20XX.
Mysterious huge robots called "Giant Robo (GR)" started to appear all over the world and destroy cities. The earth was covered with fear. And their next target is Japan! The hero of this animation Daisaku Kusama, who works in a diving shop, encounters a mysterious girl, simply called V who leads him to make a contract with an enormous robot "Giant Robo 1 (GR1)" at the ancient ruins (Minami Yonaguni Island) in Okinawa.

He made a contract with UNISOM (good guys) and was approved to be a commander of GR1. Thus his battle has begun against GRO (bad guys) and creates a lot of dramas. Before long, Giant Robo of the 21st century will ask the world the true meaning of its power.

Episodes 13

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