Saber Marionette J to X


After saving Terra II from destruction, and the imminent return of the human female, the advancement of civilization has become a priority and times are changing: large shopping malls replace small shops in Japoness, and at the next International Conference there will be talks to discontinue the production of marionettes, to become less dependant on marionette labour. All these changes make Lime fearful and she wonders if change means to forget, and that Otaru will forget Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry.

The Sabre Dolls, Tiger, Luchs and Panther have learned about human behaviour, developing their Maiden Circuits that give them human emotions. Now they have been called to rejoin their master Faust again.

Lorelei, the only human female on Terra II presently, is sick of here life in a golden cage, joining Otaru and his marionettes for a visit to Mount Japoness... but she is kidnapped by Gettel, one of Faust's former lackeys. Gettel demands Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry in exchange for the safe return of Lorelei. And when Faust returns with another megalomaniac plan, the Sabre Dolls are torn between their new-found respect for Otaru and their undying loyalty to Faust...

Episodes 26

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