Mata Mata Saber Marionette J


Another sunny, peaceful day begins at the Kasahari Apartments in the city of Japoness for Otaru as he wakes up next to Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry — female androids called Marionettes. Surprisingly, Faust's somewhat reformed Sabre Dolls — Tiger, Luchs, and Panther — are sent to stay with Otaru to learn more about being human. And so they undergo live-in etiquette training at Otaru's home. All marionettes under Otaru's charge are special in that they have the maiden circuit equipped. This allows a marionette to feel emotions, making his household especially lively at times.

Lorelei, at Castle Japoness, tries to repair Tiger's maiden circuit when a mysterious new marionette infiltrates the premises. Around this time the so-called Whirlwind Bandit starts stealing valuables and food all over Japoness city... Up in the mountains Lime then discovers the dark-skinned marionette NSM-X1 who is looking for a master. As it turns out, she also has a maiden circuit, and was behind the thefts. Since she came from the sea they decide to name her Marine and welcome her to the Otaru household as well.

But it appears that another country and Faust are very interested in Marine's awakening, almost fearful of it. And for some reason Marine harbours a deep-rooted fear of men...

Episodes 6

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