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Yahari Ore no Seishun LoveCome wa Machigatte Iru. Zoku - Episode 13


As Yukino is leaving school, Haruno shows up and says their mother suggested she live at Yukino`s place with her for a while. With nowhere else to go, Yukino takes up Yui`s invitation to spend the night at the Yuigahama home. When Yui asks Yukino what she wants to do, she`s unable to answer. Then Yui comes to a decision that could change the relationship between the three Service Club members. How will Yukino and Hachiman answer?


  • 春は, 降り積もる雪の下にて結われ, 芽吹き始める.
  • Spring, Bound Beneath the Thick Snow, Begins to Sprout.
  • Le printemps éclot toujours sous un manteau de neige
  • Haru wa, Furitsumoru Yuki no Shita nite Yuware, Mebuki Hajimeru.

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