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Engage Kiss - Episode 9


The evidence gathered points to the real Demon Agent. And it was Shu`s most trusted person. As the Police Agency and top officials of AAA continue to strategize and negotiate, Shu confronts the true criminal alone. Why? For what reason? All words and all questions are in vain when the real criminal transforms into a vicious demon right before his eyes. Its power is so overwhelming that, even with AAA`s fighting strength concentrated, there is no damage. At this rate, all the people Shu cares for will be hurt. With raging anger and profound sadness in his heart, Shu decides to offer all his precious memories to Kisara. All for the sake of defeating the demon.


  • 流す涙の意味を知らずに
  • Without Understanding the Tears Shed
  • Des larmes incomprises
  • Nagasu Namida no Imi o Shirazu ni

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