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Engage Kiss - Episode 7


The Celestial Abbey — — Publicly seen as advocates for philanthropy, they are the world`s largest Exorcist group. The identity of the mysterious nun who suddenly appeared in Bayron City is one of the most dangerous persons in the Celestial Abbey, Sharon Holygrail. Known as "Sharon the Chaste," she is one of the 12 remarkable Exorcists called "Living Relic." The Anti-Demon Bureau faces a growing sense of danger with the emergence of a new power that could shake the framework of their organization. Meanwhile, as Shu is injured and sleeping, Kisara tells Ayano about the events atop the snowy mountain that led to the intertwined fate of her, Shu and Sharon.


  • だけどいい, それでいい
  • But It`s Okay, That`s Enough
  • Peu importe, ça m`est égal
  • Dakedo Ii, Sore de Ii

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