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Demi-chan wa Kataritai - Episode 5


Yuki has become a bit more optimistic, thanks to Hikari and Machi. She's learned to trust Tetsuo a bit more since what happened last time, and has decided to tell her what troubles her about her own nature as a snow woman. It began shortly after she moved to a new city to start high school, when she was taking a bath one day and a shard of ice suddenly appeared in the hot water. It made her worry about what would happen if the cold air she generated were ever to be directed at a person, which led to her decision to avoid contact with others.


  • Snow Woman-chan Is Cold
  • 雪女ちゃんは冷たい
  • La fille des neiges est un glaçon
  • A mulher da neve é fria
  • Yukionna-chan wa Tsumetai

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