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Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. - Episode 4


Sutea meets the residents of the Goddess’ Dorm, with mixed results. Later, Koushi goes undercover at the college and lands in hot water.


  • A Childhood Friend Visits the Dorm / Koushi Goes Undercover at a Women`s College
  • 幼馴染み, 寮に来る / 孝士, 女子大に潜入する
  • Une amie d`enfance dans le foyer / Kôshi s`infiltre dans l`université féminine
  • Die Kindheitsfreundin kommt ins Wohnheim / Koushi schleicht sich in die Frauenuni
  • Osananajimi, Ryou ni Kuru / Koushi, Joshidai ni Sennyuu Suru

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