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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - Episode 5


Feeling depressed because she isn`t fragile, Hinagiku wishes that Hayate would give her a shoulder massage, but is too embarrassed to ask him. Thinking how to get him to offer her a massage, Hinagiku uses a chance while studying with Hayate in the evening, but fails. The next day, Hinagiku reflects from the previous night. Athena reassures Hinagiku and says she try hinting at Hayate again. Hinagiku receives a call from Hayate to meet at the Sanzenin Water Resort to deal with the troublesome Hakuou Three Amiga swimming in the artificial sea. Abruptly, their old foe Gilbert makes an appearance causing Hayate to beat him up. Gilbert provokes a 2v2 volleyball game challenge with the butler. Gilbert`s partner is a new and improved Eight, and he chooses Hinagiku as Hayate`s partner believing she is "fragile". Hinagiku pretends to be fragile for Hayate at the start of the game, which they didn`t expect. Hayate apologizes to Hinagiku that with her on his side he thought he`d win the game. Her mood changes when Gilbert laughs at her flat-chest, and hits the ball hard at Eight. Successfully winning the game, Hinagiku shows her swimsuit, introducing herself as the student council president of Hakuō Academy and declares that she will not lose. That night at dinner, Hayate comes over to offer Hinagiku a shoulder massage. Overjoyed with his answer, Hinagiku happily takes him up on his offer.


  • 桂ヒナギク
  • Hinagiku Katsura
  • Katsura Hinagiku

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