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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - Episode 4


Isumi and Sakuya are curious to why the Saginomiya doesn`t have a maid to support them in any way. So Hatsuho went to ask Hayate to hand out flyers to recruit suitable maids use to overcome Isumi`s weakness of smartphones. Fumi chose to be a maid candidate confident in her skills. In the end, both Isumi and her mother rejected Fumi because she did not meet the standards of understanding how to use smartphones. Nagi responds Isumi doesn`t need a maid. At the Aizawa mansion, Chiharu as Haru is teaching Sakuya to be modest. In a flashback, the story goes on how Chiharu been hired to be Sakuya`s maid. Makita & Kunieda reach agreement that Sakuya needs a maid by choosing one at her café. Sakuya asks Nagi why she hired Hayate as her butler in the first place; she replies that it was fate. In an arcade, Sakuya and Chiharu play virtual games together, and Sakuya felt faith in Chiharu so she had her become her maid. Back in the present, Sakuya visits Nagi then discovers Chiharu there at the Violet Mansion. She drags Sakuya away and begs her to keep her maid identity a secret. They search for ideas to draw a manga, ditching Sakuya since she can`t read manga. Isumi tries to help Sakuya to entertain herself. Sakuya hopes Nagi can still rely on her.


  • 鷺ノ宮伊澄と愛沢咲夜
  • Isumi Saginomiya and Sakuya Aizawa
  • Saginomiya Isumi to Aizawa Sakuya

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