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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - Episode 12


Starting from the previous episode, Maria is worried about Nagi, and Hinagiku goes looking for Hayate. Kayura gives advice to (cross-dressing) Hayate on how to give a kiss. He tried to kiss Athena, but Linn and Armageddon got in the way. Ruka met up with the others and mention that she ran into Hayate earlier during an interview and also tried to kiss him except that Kayura forbids it. As Hayate tried to contact Chiharu, Sakuya and Isumi are found in Shimoda to pick up the still active Black Camellia. After more unfortunate events, in Underdog Park, Hayate finds Yukiji and reluctantly challenges her for a kiss, however before he could kiss her, Kyonosuke arrives and carries Yukiji away. Five minutes before midnight, Hayate is in a predicament now that all the other girls have found him. After Nagi talks with the tanuki inside the dream, Maria, Sakuya, and Isumi bring over the dozy Nagi to Hayate. Nagi explains it doesn`t matter if Hayate kisses someone or not, because she will always have him as her butler. Then, suddenly Hayate kisses her on the forehead!? Hayate corrects everyone that he meant a kiss on the forehead not on the lips, leaving the girls confused and relieved. The broken Black Camellia shows Shin and Yukariko watching them.


  • 愛し愛されて生きるのさ
  • I Will Love and Be Loved in My Life
  • Aishiaisarete Ikiru no sa

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