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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - Episode 11


Inside Hayate`s dream, the same tanuki from within the Black Camellia reappears and asks for a big request. In the morning, for some reason Nagi won`t wake up, and the sudden concern of a "kiss by Hayate" in a dream begins to creep the girls out once said they all had the same dream. During lunch, the girls discuss it would have to be someone who loves Hayate who kisses him, but Aika seriously doubts that would happen. Kayura objects that anyone would like a troublesome guy like Hayate (after showing them footage of Kyonosuke`s affection for Yukiji). Worried if the dream is true and Hayate has to break this curse, he goes off to find someone whom he could kiss. He bumps into Ayumu at the exact spot where they first met believing this is his chance, but Fumi and Sharna interrupt. Hayate tried asking Athena, Ruka, and Chiharu, but naturally they all can`t do something so impulsive. Hinagiku thinks about the ominous presence that Isumi sensed earlier from Hayate, and the tanuki explained if Hayate doesn`t kiss someone by the stroke of midnight he and Nagi will be separated forever.


  • ドアをノックするのは誰だ?
  • Who`s Knocking on the Door?
  • Door o Knock Suru no wa Dare Da?

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