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Maria Holic - Episode 9


On the day of the Virgin Mary Festival, Ayari still holds a grudge against Mariya. In the park, Kanako, Nanami and Ryūken distribute flower baskets while Maki dresses up Ayari as the Virgin Mary on a float. Ayari remembers that Mariya supposedly ripped open her angel costume from behind and exposed her panda underwear during the Virgin Mary Festival years ago. When Ayari slips off the float, Mariya manages to catch her fall. Ayari tries to reconcile with Mariya in his arms, but Mariya mutters that Ayari is heavy, causing an irritated Ayari to inadvertently tear her dress and embarrassingly expose her bust. Kanako has a massive nosebleed upon seeing this, leaving a tainted bloodstain on the Virgin Mary statue. Sachi then tells Kanako, Nanami and Yuzuru about the seven wonders of Ame no Kisaki, one of which was the blood-filled swimming pool. However, Kanako later tells Mariya and Matsurika that she caused the blood-filled swimming pool due to her fantasies. Mariya and Matsurika confirm that Kanako also caused the other six wonders of Ame no Kisaki. Afterwards, Kanako learns from Kumagai about six wonders of the girls dormitory. When Mariya reveals the seventh wonder, the Dorm Leader mysteriously appears.


  • The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 2 / The End of a Fantasy
  • 穢された聖母・後編 / 妄想の果てに
  • Kegasareta Seibo Kouhen / Mousou no Hate ni

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