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Maria Holic - Episode 8


After hearing Mariya sing the Catholic hymn "Tota pulchra es", Kanako learns about the upcoming annual Virgin Mary Festival from Nanami, Sachi and Yuzuru. Ayari assigns Ryūken, Kanako and Mariya as the members of the executive committee for the Virgin Mary Festival. When Kanako asks Ayari about the Virgin Mary Festival, Ayari suggests for Kanako to talk to Mariya. While walking with student council vice president Maki Natsuru, Ayari recounts that she always despised Mariya ever since they were young. Elsewhere, Matsurika believes that Mariya has a weak spot for family, especially Ayari, who has held a grudge on Mariya for all these years. In the hallway, Kanako is impaled with a basketball thrown by Matsurika. Ayari and Maki encounter Kanako in the hallway and take her to the infirmary. They assure her that she will do well with festival preparations even if she does not know much about it. Despite the fact that Kanako is tainted as an atheist, Ayari and Maki reveal that they are not true Christians, though they still pray for something beautiful to happen. In the dorm room, Kanako learns that Mariya is a true Christian, but Mariya still mentions that Kanako's intentions are perverse.


  • The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 1
  • 穢された聖母・前編
  • Kegasareta Seibo Zenpen

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