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Maria Holic - Episode 7


The Dorm Leader was able to solve the case of Honoka's missing black underwear. During lunch, Kanako watches as Nanami feeds Sachi some bitter melon. After Sachi feeds Kanako a pig's foot from Nanami's boxed lunch, Yuzuru starts to become depressed. Mariya later learns that Yuzuru has been slipping during archery practice while overhearing that her birthday is soon approaching. In the dorm room, Kanako eventually realizes from Mariya and Matsurika that Yuzuru is jealous that Nanami and Sachi are becoming closer friends. During archery practice, Yuzuru confides in Mariya that her emotions are affecting her actions, though Mariya advises Yuzuru to discipline her emotions. Both Sachi and Nanami come to spectate Yuzuru during her archery practice, but Yuzuru runs away in frustration. The next day, Kanako, Nanami and Sachi hear that Yuzuru is bedridden with a fever. Kanako, Nanami and Sachi go to Yuzuru's dorm room and throw a surprise birthday party. Before Sachi explains that she helped Nanami choose a birthday present, Nanami gives Yuzuru a new archery glove. While Kanako came empty-handed, Mariya and Matsurika soon arrive with their own birthday present for Yuzuru as the birthday party is celebrated.


  • The Suspicious Black Underwear
  • 疑惑の黒下着
  • Giwaku no Kuro Shitagi

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