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Maria Holic - Episode 5


The Dorm Leader goes to Kanako's dorm room in order to confiscate and discard a can of smelly surströmming, previously an apology gift from Honoka. Kumagai encourages Kanako to become friends with Nanami. In homeroom class, Kanako is voted as the class representative while Nanami volunteers as the deputy representative. Kanako eventually turns to Sachi and Yuzuru for advice on making friends with Nanami. As the plans backfire during school, Sachi and Yuzuru ultimately make friends with Nanami after school, prompting Kanako to jump in at the opportunity. The Dorm Leader later collects and displays all the prohibited items found inside the girls dorm rooms in the lobby, keeping score on how well or badly they were hidden. Kanako's school bag, containing a mysterious creature inside, is among the prohibited items. Kanako is given a second chance to hide her school bag properly if she passes the supplementary test, or else her old elementary school graduation essay will be read aloud publicly by the Dorm Leader. Mariya and Matsurika then show Kanako a secret living space inside the dorm room. Kanako is forced to hide her school bag in the woods, but it reappears in her closet.


  • Forbidden Smell / A Young Girl`s Secret
  • 禁断の匂い / 乙女の秘蜜
  • Kindan no Nioi / Otome no Himitsu

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