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Maria Holic - Episode 4


Much to Mariya and Matsurika's demise, Ryūken waits for Kanako outside the dorm room wearing her kendo uniform. At school, Honoka apologizes to Kanako for bullying. Kanako learns that Nanami was only looking out for her by Kumagai's request. Ryūken attempts to act as a bodyguard for Kanako during homeroom class, but Kumagai kicks out Ryūken from the class since she is an upperclasswoman. As Kanako discusses with Yuzuru and Sachi that Ryūken's protection is causing more pain than pleasure, Kanako is unable to admit this to Ryūken herself. Ryūken is soon granted permission by the Dorm Leader to stay in Kanako's dorm room, much to Mariya's annoyance. At night, Ryūken explains to Kanako that she had a dog and a cat named Saneatsu and Kohime. Ryūken was told that Saneatsu ran away after being bullied by Kohime, but Kohime waited for the return of Saneatsu thereafter. However, Saneatsu was actually buried in Ryūken's backyard all along. The next day, Nanami privately speaks with Ryūken at school. Ryūken was told that Kanako and Nanami are secretly dating. Elsewhere, Honoka plots another seafood incident that may affect the entire school body.


  • The Price of Pleasure
  • 悦楽の代償
  • Etsuraku no Daishou

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