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Maria Holic - Episode 2


On her first day of school, Kanako has a troublesome morning establishing privacy with Mariya. Kanako unfortunately skips breakfast, having to embarrassingly change clothes under the covers. Mariya takes Kanako to see homeroom teacher Fumi Kumagai, though Kanako reminds herself that she is sworn to secrecy concerning Mariya's true identity. During homeroom class, Kanako sits next to Nanami Kiri, Yuzuru Inamori and Sachi Momoi, all of whom Kanako fantasizes about. Mariya gives a welcome speech during the opening ceremony. When Kanako's stomach growls loudly, Mariya publicly takes the blame for skipping breakfast. As student council president Ayari Shiki starts to give her welcome speech, Sachi discreetly gives Kanako some candy. Afterwards, Ryūken privately talks to Kanako regarding why she was suddenly driven out of the dorm room. Mariya arrives to clear up the confusion to Ryūken, using a scare tactic to mention several mysterious seafood incidents in the dorm room. After a depressed Ryūken leaves, Mariya plans his revenge against Ayari. Kanako has a tinge of affection for Mariya despite having repulsive thoughts of him.


  • A Sweet Twinge
  • 甘美な疼き
  • Kanbi na Uzuki

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