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Maria Holic - Episode 12


Kanako is very excited because the swimming pool is finally opening, though she just wants to see all the girls in their swimsuits during swimming classes. As swimming instructor Ayano Enjōji saves Kanako from drowning, Kanako learns from Mariya and Matsurika that she was daydreaming the scene in the dorm room. Kanae visits the dorm room and brings Kanako a melon as a gift. However, his close contact with Kanako causes her to break out in hives and stay in bed for ten days. When she returns to class, she finds tonburi in her classroom desk and jelly ear fungus in her school bag. Honoka deduces that the culprit is someone trying to scare Kanako with these mountain delicacies. Although Kanako plans everything for the last swimming class, it unfortunately rains on that day and a swimming competition is scheduled before summer break begins. Thanks to Matsurika's sleep-learning technique again, Kanako has a newfound fascination for loincloths on the day of the swimming competition in the form of a chicken fight. After realizing that Shizu switched places with Mariya just for the swimming competition, Kanako has a massive nosebleed that paints the entire swimming pool red.


  • A Swimming Competition Full of Pretty Girls: There Will Be Flying Tops
  • 美少女だらけの水泳大会 ポロリもあるよ
  • Bishoujo Darake no Suiei Taikai, Porori mo Aru yo

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