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Maria Holic - Episode 11


Modern Japanese teacher and priest Tōichirō Kanae develops a crush on Mariya and Matsurika, though unaware that Mariya is a boy. Kanae is clueless that Kanako has androphobia, recalling that Kanako had spasms during her Modern Japanese resit midterm. As Kanae remembers that Kanako has terrible nosebleeds, he turns to Mariya and Matsurika for advice. Mariya lies about Kanako having an "older brother" who passed away from the "Tchaikovsky syndrome in B minor". Then, Mariya asks Kanae to help Kanako since Kanae reminds Kanako of her "older brother". Kanae tries his best to help Kanako, but she breaks out in hives upon contact and is sent to the infirmary. After talking with Kumagai, Kanae goes to the girls dormitory after school. After the Dorm Leader confirms that Kanako has the syndrome, Kanae is allowed to briefly visit Kanako after he bribes the Dorm Leader with a plasma television. When Kanae arrives at the dorm room, Mariya and Matsurika give Kanako some privacy. However, Kanae begins fantasizing about Mariya and Matsurika until the Dorm Leader kicks him out of the girls dormitory. Outside in the rain, Kanae also falls in love with Ayari, who offers her umbrella to him.


  • An Offering to God
  • 神への供物
  • Kami e no Kumotsu

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