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Maria Holic - Episode 10


Kumagai returns the scores of the midterms during homeroom class, and it turns out that only Kanako and Nanami need to take the resit midterms. Although Nanami only failed math and science, Kanako failed math, world history, English, Modern Japanese and physics. As Mariya realizes that Kanako only passed ethics and chemistry, Kanako recalls that she played Othello with Mariya instead of studying for the midterm exams. On the day of the resit midterms, Kanako's personality has altered thanks to Matsurika's sleep-learning technique. Kanako almost boycotts the resit midterms, though she passes them with errors after reconsidering. Later on, Nanami tells Kanako, Sachi and Yuzuru that she received a love letter written by a man from Berlin aboard a train. After Nanami receives the man's paper résumé and chronological revolutions on a bamboo slip, Honoka exclaims that the man is using random acts of carelessness to win Nanami's heart. While Kanako, Sachi and Yuzuru try to help Nanami avoid the man's advances, Matsurika resolves this by stamping a "rejected" seal on the man's résumé, so Nanami can return it to him. This leads the man to give up on Nanami. Sachi soon receives a love letter by the same man.


  • A Flat-Chested Error / A Love Letter from Berlin
  • 微乳の過ち / 伯林の恋文
  • Binyuu no Ayamachi / Berlin no Koibumi

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