Takanashi Souta continues to work part-time at the Wagnaria family restaurant in Hokkaido, together with the restaurant's high-spirited and quite eccentric staffers:

Inami Mahiru's androphobia still gets in the way of her secret crush on Souta, who in turn is taken in by the cuteness of energetic, yet undertall Taneshima Poplar. And the tall blond chef Satou Jun continues to tease Poplar about her height. The manipulative Souma Hiroomi has dirt on everyone it seems, and uses that information to his advantage, to avoid, as he sees it, unnecessary work. The katana-carrying Todoroki Yachiyo is still smitten with Shirafuji Kyouko, the lazy glutton of a restaurant manager.

Will Souta finally realize how Mahiru feels about him? Or Yachiyo understand why Jun is particularly friendly with her? Or will Kyouko's delinquent past catch up with her? As that may be, serving the customers in this family-friendly restaurant always comes first...

Episodes 13

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