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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 8


It is a windy workday and Hirotaka confesses that he is afraid of thunder as it brings back a lot of bad memories of unsaved games when the power went out from lightning. To prevent it from disrupting his productivity, Kabakura allows him to wear his headphones just for today. As Hirotaka goes for a smoke, followed closely by Narumi, he reminisces how she came to visit him once when he was sick, and ended up barging into his house and hugging him due to the loud thunder outside. The two return to work, as the sky grows lighter with the passing storm.

Hirotaka recalls how he pierced his own ears when he was in high school in an effort to seem grown-up after seeing Narumi with a boy with piercings. When he was unable to pull the earring out, it had begun to hurt and he had cried. After some drinks with everyone, Hirotaka thinks back to how Narumi doesn't seem to see him as a boyfriend, and worries over how he is so different from a "regular boyfriend", especially in his date choices and attitude. When the two walk home together, Hirotaka decides to ask her out on a conventional date next Sunday.


  • Weakness Is Thunder and Years of Insecurity
  • 苦手な雷と, 気になるお年頃
  • Nigate na Kaminari to, Ki ni Naru Otoshigoro

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