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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 7


The four play an online adventure game together. In there, Narumi, Koyanagi and Kabakura stumble upon a rare enemy, but are too weak to defeat it. Hirotaka's avatar arrives, but it is being controlled by Naoya at the moment as Hirotaka is busy. Thankfully, Hirotaka quickly returns and defeats it easily.

Kabakura goes out drinking with his male juniors, including Hirotaka, whilst the women hang out together for dinner. Two male coworkers start discussing about Narumi, unaware that Hirotaka is her boyfriend, and then about Koyanagi, which angers Kabakura although he tries to hide it. Narumi and Koyanagi, on the other hand, disagree again about their opposite pairing preferences in anime and discuss about having their boyfriends paired in a boys' love situation. Later, Naoya tells Hirotaka about how he overheard the girls' conversation and mistakenly believed that they were arguing over whose boyfriend was better.


  • Online Gaming and Their Respective Nights
  • ネトゲと, それぞれの夜
  • Netoge to, Sorezore no Yoru

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