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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 6


On a rainy day, Kabakura lends both Narumi and Hirotaka his umbrella after realising that they both forgot theirs. As he dashes in the rain, he finds and ducks under Koyanagi's umbrella, where she worries about him falling sick as they head to his home to eat dinner together. The next day, Hirotaka notices that Narumi is a little down, although she tries to brush it off to no avail. After a little comforting and pressuring on Hirotaka's end though, Narumi explains that her favourite manga character died recently in a chapter.

Hirotaka and Narumi walk home together as the city puts up Christmas decorations. They find Naoya giving out coffee samples in a Santa Claus suit outside the cafe, who feels grateful for being able to make those around him smile, and be their "real Santa Claus". On Christmas Eve, Koyanagi, who had been annoyed because Kabakura was too busy with work to care about romantic things last Christmas, leaves the office first, but Kabakura rushes after her. The two of them end up on a date at a fancy restaurant which Kabakura reserved half a year in advance to make up for last year, and Koyanagi gifts him a limited-edition anime plushie. Meanwhile, Hirotaka and Narumi spend their first Christmas together playing games.


  • Bleak Christmas
  • 憂鬱なクリスマス
  • Yuuutsu na Christmas

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