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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 5


Narumi bumps into a barista in a cafe whom she seems to be familiar with. Koyanagi and Kabakura mistakenly believe that the barista could be Narumi's ex-boyfriend, and debate about whether to call Hirotaka to the cafe. However, when Hirotaka does in fact enter, Kabakura hastily calls him to prevent a scene, causing both him and the barista to respond. In turns out that the barista is Nifuji Naoya, Hirotaka's younger brother.

Hirotaka reluctantly agrees to Naoya staying at his house due to its proximity with the latter's college. As the four coworkers hang out at his place, they realise that Naoya is a non-nerd and decide to be careful about talking around him. As this is a rare chance for the brothers to be together, Narumi proposes a team game and groups the brothers together, albeit Hirotaka's unwillingness as Naoya's inexperience and lack of player skills often diminish the fun. Naoya ends up self-destructing and Hirotaka, used to playing solo, wins on his own, falling asleep on the couch right after. As Naoya decides to walk Narumi home, Kabakura, still suspicious of him, informs him that Narumi and Hirotaka are dating, and Koyanagi kisses Kabakura to show that they are another couple themselves. Naoya begins to tear up out of happiness because he had been worried his brother would end up alone due to his personality, and Kabakura is touched by Naoya's sincerity towards his brother. The next day at work, he advises Hirotaka to take care of him.


  • Introducing Naoya and Gamers Meetup (Part II)
  • 尚哉登場とゲーム会PartⅡ
  • Naoya Toujou to Game Kai Part II

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