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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 4


Hirotaka and Narumi indulge in their childhood anime together during break at work. When Narumi shows off a picture of Hirotaka cross-dressing to Kabakura and Koyanagi, this inspires Koyanagi to make Kabakura cosplay as well, but this culminates in them arguing. Narumi comments on how despite her and Hirotaka having different interests they are willing to compromise with each other fairly to work things out. Eventually Kabakura cosplays for Koyanagi in exchange for a high quality Yuudachi Kai-II figurine.

The four coworkers go out drinking together. Narumi asks about how Koyanagi and Kabakura's relationship began back in high school, but this leads to a string of arguments and causes the drunk Koyanagi to break down. She confesses her hidden insecurities about how she isn't Kabakura's real type, and worries that he might just be settling for her because nerds usually find it hard to be in a stable relationship with non-nerds. At that, Kabakura steps in and comforts her. On the way home, Narumi asks the same question to Hirotaka, who reassures her once again that he is properly invested in this relationship. The two decide to head to the arcade first before going home.


  • Is Mature Love as Difficult?
  • オトナの恋も難しい?
  • Otona no Koi mo Muzukashii?

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