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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 2


Narumi befriends Koyanagi Hanako, her coworker and also a famous nerd who specialises in cosplay. Hirotaka notices Narumi blatantly avoiding him at work because she is unsure how to interact with him now that they are in a relationship. Kabakura Tarou, Koyanagi's long-time boyfriend and Hirotaka's good friend, steps in with Koyanagi to help but end up fighting with each other instead. As Narumi attempts to run away, Hirotaka apologises for frightening her, promising that he is actually romantically interested in her and not just dating another nerd for convenience. After work, the four visit a bookstore, and end up departing for their own homes right after to read manga and play games instead of drinking.


  • Are We Now Dating?
  • 恋人? 始めました
  • Koibito? Hajimemashita

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