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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 10


Naoya meets a customer at his part-time job, whose silhouette while playing games reminds him of his brother. The following day, he bumps into the same person again at his university cafeteria, and introduces himself. He realises that the person, Sakuragi Kou, is an avid gamer like his brother, but doesn't realise that she is a girl due to her androgynous appearance and voice. Knowing his lack of experience in gaming, Naoya invites Kou to play games with him, and reaches out to Narumi and her friends for help to improve his skills by then. While battling to clear an advanced quest, a mysterious player saves them while in a pinch before Hirotaka arrives. Naoya, figuring that it was Kou, thanks her over message.

Hirotaka breaks his glasses in the morning, so as a result his myopia hinders him greatly in doing his job. His female coworkers become conscious of his handsome face without his glasses, making Narumi distracted and jealous. To let both of them regain their concentration, Kabakura lets them off for an early lunch break for Hirotaka to get new glasses. Later, Naoya borrows his brother's computer to play multi-player with Kou. Despite trying time and time again, Naoya continues failing, but Kou doesn't give up on him, and is more than patient enough to help him improve gradually. Hirotaka, intrigued by Naoya's sudden addiction to games, logs on as the latter's avatar and helps Kou clear a quest. Naoya, returning to the game after picking up a phone call, apologises and decides to drop out, but Kou promises to help him and invites him to play together.


  • Introducing Kou-kun and Online Gaming Revenge
  • 光くん登場とネトゲリベンジ
  • Kou-kun Toujou to Netoge Revenge

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