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Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - Episode 1


26-year-old Momose Narumi is a die-hard yaoi fangirl geek who recently switched jobs, in hopes of being able to play off an image of a perfect, beautiful young lady. However, her hopes are crashed when she reunites with her middle school classmate Nifuji Hirotaka, an avid gamer nerd that knows about her secret. Both reconnect over alcohol and Hirotaka promises he won't tell on Narumi's geek secret, commenting on how love is difficult for people like them because others think they're "abnormal" and "weird". Two weeks later, Narumi invites Hirotaka out for drinks again but is unable to finish her work on time, prompting Hirotaka to stay back and help her before they go out. As they drink, Hirotaka asks Narumi out, offering to help her pass her game levels as a benefit. Excited, Narumi accepts.


  • Narumi and Hirotaka Meets Again, And...
  • 成海と宏嵩の再開. そして...
  • Narumi to Hirotaka no Saikai. Soshite...

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