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To Heart - Episode 2


A popular band called "Childish an Hour" is due to perform at a sold out concert that week. Masashi tells Hiroyuki in private that he has only two tickets to Childish an Hour so Hiroyuki offers to talk to Akari and Shiho to see what can be done. In another scene, Shiho tells Akari she has two tickets to the concert. Hiroyuki searches the school for Shiho and when he finally does, they can't bring themselves to talk about the fact they both only have two tickets. In the end, they are unable to bring up the topic. Masashi and Hiroyuki, and Akari and Shiho both head to the concert not knowing they have enough tickets for all four of them. The four meet before the concert and figure out that there are actually four tickets and they all enjoy the concert without feeling guilty.


  • After School Incident
  • 放課後の出来事
  • Houkago no Dekigoto

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