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To Heart - Episode 1


The anime opens with a scene from Akari's childhood - she has dropped all her books as it rains. While the other kids just walk past her, Hiroyuki helps her pick up her books. Many years have passed, and they're both second year high school students. It is the first day of school after summer holidays, and Akari wakes up Hiroyuki who is still asleep as usual. In their first homeroom, the teacher asks the class representative, Tomoko Hoshina, to assign new seats. Despite being harassed by a group of students, she continues to calmly make slips for a random draw. Hiroyuki decides to help Tomoko make the slips so he can go home earlier. The slips are made and draws conducted. Akari is lucky enough to draw the seat right next to Hiroyuki.


  • A Brand New Morning
  • 新しい朝
  • Atarashii Asa

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