Musaigen no Phantom World


As the result of a viral outbreak, that occurred over a decade ago, the way the human brain works is irrevocably altered in such a way that beings, thought to be figments of imagination, like ghosts or monsters, become real... now collectively known as Phantoms. Since then children have been born with special abilities. Most of these apparitions at worst are a nuisance, but some of them can turn out to be quite troublesome...

Ichijou Haruhiko is a widely-read first-year high school student at Hosea Academy, with the special ability to summon and seal away Phantoms by drawing them; always accompanied by the carefree, helpful Phantom Ruru. While his energetic upperclassman, Kawakami Mai, fights Phantoms with the ability Spirit of Five Elements. The newest member of their club, the glutton Izumi Reina, uses her Phantom Eater ability to seal away Phantoms. There is another Phantom-hunting club member in the not very highly regarded Team E at the academy: the brave yet stoic Minase Koito, who, at least initially, prefers to fight Phantoms by herself.

Together they take on contracts their teacher, Himeno Arisu, gives them, dealing with all manners of troublesome Phantoms. In doing so, they experience the ups and downs of resolving issues with paranormal life, before an incident leads them to find out the truth about this world.

Episodes 14

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