Blend S


High school student Sakuranomiya Maika wants to save money to study abroad, but she's had little luck in finding a job so far because, when nervous, she has a stiff, unnatural smile that scares people away. Right after failing yet another interview, she is absentmindedly standing in front of Café Stile when the manager, Dino, sees her from the inside and approaches her.

Maika soon takes up the part-time job of waitress at Stile, but it turns out that her new workplace's very raison d'être is the rather outlandish characteristic of having each waitress play a certain character archetype, such as tsundere, and Dino is convinced that Maika can play the role of sadist. Maika steps up to the challenge, but soon figures out that being a sadist doesn't suit her; at a loss as to how to keep customers from getting angry at her, she tries her best to smile and be nice to them. It turns out, however, that her nervousness keeps getting the better of her; the harder she tries to be nice, the better she plays the role that Dino assigned to her.

Episodes 12

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