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Rozen Maiden (2013) - Episode 10


Jun has been trussed up by Kirakisho`s thorny branches and feels powerless to make up for his mistake in putting together a doll; a vessel for Kirakisho to use in order to get into his world "where the key was not wound." He realizes that the only way to redeem himself to his first doll, Shinku, which is to save her life by becoming her master and foodsource, but Suigintou, Suiseiseki, and Kirakisho stand in his way, knowing that whoever secures the contract with Jun will be the victor. Through Suiseiseki`s slight of hand, Jun is flung into World No. Zero where his middle school younger self `who wound the key` languishes with Kanaria, and a new, unexpected doll with miss-matching eye suddenly appears.


  • 見えない選択肢
  • Episode 10
  • Mienai Sentakushi

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