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Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore - Episode 9


Kirio Drugstore is closed today! Reiji and friends head out for a picnic and enjoy a relaxed day off at a lake in the woods. While Noela and Mina are playing in the water, Reiji and Ezil go fishing. Reiji uses his fish attracting "Big Catch Buddy" lure and gets a powerful bite! Together they manage to fish up their catch. However, instead of a fish, they've caught Vivi the lake spirit. Upon discovering how hungry she is, they invite her to eat sandwiches with them.


  • Big Catch Buddy / Harriette Remover
  • 爆釣れ君 / 毛トリーヌ
  • Bakutsure-kun / Ke Toriinu

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