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Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei - Episode 11


Tatsuya, Leo, and Mikihiko are chosen to compete in the Monolith Code rookie event as replacements when Morisaki and his team members are injured. Miyuki fears that Tatsuya and his team might also become targets of sabotage. To show their gratitude for all the hard work that Tatsuya has done for them as an engineer in the rookie events, Honoka and the other freshmen girls do everything they can to protect him by checking the Monolith Code stage and inspecting the venue. With Miyuki’s help, the competition goes smoothly and a team member is able to notice an abnormality on stage.


  • Brother, Good Luck
  • お兄様, ご武運を
  • Onii-sama, Gobuun o

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