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Seirei Gensouki - Episode 11


Rio is shocked when he learns of Celia's marriage of convenience to Charles Arbor. The wedding is closing in quickly. It's to be held the next day. Rio uses Aishia's powers to sneak into the palace guest house to reunite with Celia. The sight of Rio's face makes Celia overflow with joy, but when she's asked if the wedding is something she truly wants, she replies by saying it's something she's agreed to. From beginning to end, Celia's smiling demeanor never falters. Rio is unable to discern her true feelings. The next day, a magnificent parade begins, heading toward the great temple where the wedding will be held.


  • Silver Bride
  • 白銀の花嫁
  • La Mariée d`argent
  • Hakugin no Hanayome

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