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RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku - Episode 9


In the dorm room, Weiss, smiling, hands Ruby a cup of coffee and the two talk. Weiss leave the room saying, “There is a reason for everything.” It was Ruby’s dream, who was possessed by the “Nightmare” due to her weakening spirit. Ruby awakes just in time with Jaune’s help. Meanwhile, Yang and Blake had been sent to a mansion, which looked like it was symbolizing the history of the conflict between the White Fang and the S.D.C. Ruby, who had returned to Weiss’ dream, and Blake each propose a new plan.


  • My dream, Your dream「あなたのために」
  • My Dream, Your Dream
  • My Dream, Your Dream: Pour toi
  • My Dream, Your Dream "Anata no Tame ni"

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