Chibi Devi!


The 14-year-old middle school girl Sawada Honoka has lost her parents at an early age, and finding friends at school does not come easily. Living at her aunt's apartment, who is never at home due to work, Honoka wishes for her loneliness to end. Her wish is heard, and so the next morning she wakes up with a demon baby, Mao, in her bed.

Thus Honoka suddenly turns into a surrogate mother, but she is not left alone with this daunting task: the strict though dependable classmate Sugisaki Shin helps out as "dad", and the Chibi Devil Nursery School with the accident-prone Enchou-sensei and the kind Itou-sensei take care of Mao during Honoka's school days.

Honoka's days of loneliness certainly seem to have ended...

Episodes 75

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