The 17-year-old high school student Shikimori Kazuki attends Aoi Academy, an elite school for training people in the art of using magic, but as for his grades, it would be faster to count his rank starting from the bottom. On top of that, he can only use magic eight times in his whole life! Since he will turn to dust if he uses up his magic, he spends his days depressed, unable to even use magic.

One day, a girl named Miyama Yuuna shows up in front of him: "From now on, we are husband and wife!" While he is still shocked, Kazetsubaki Kuriko and Kamishiro Rin appear before him. They have but one goal, to get the genes from Kazuki that hold the world's most powerful magic...

What destiny awaits Kazuki, the supposed failure of a wizard, who is suddenly being targeted by three beautiful girls?

Episodes 24

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