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Ao Ashi - Episode 23


The match between Esperion and Musashino will determine who will dominate the Tokyo Metropolis League. Musashino`s ace, Kaneda, takes advantage of the weak coordination between Togashi and Takeshima, giving Musashino a go-ahead score. Right before the end of first half, Kuroda injures himself due to his desperate defense play. During the halftime, Asari blames the center-backs, but Date disagrees with him. Togashi has resented Takeshima for a long time, but now…


  • 頑張れ負けるな力のかぎり
  • Do Your Best. Don`t Lose. Fight to Your Limits
  • Bonne chance. Ne perds pas. Donne tout ce que tu as.
  • Ganbare Makeruna Chikara no Kagiri

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