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Build Divide: Code Black - Episode 8


At Kamitoba Beach Resort, Teruto meets Ai Utsurogi from the bakery, who turns out to be a childhood acquaintance of his. When he visits Ai’s bakery, she tells Teruto about her memories of him and Kikka during their childhood. Teruto is visibly shaken when he hears from her that he and Kikka were very close as siblings when they were young. Ishinome appears in front of Teruto when he visits the location where he and Kikka used to play together. Ishinome lures Teruto into the world of the past by saying, “The Teruto who remembers his past, or the Teruto who doesn`t remember his past. I wonder which of you will end up being more intriguing?” Teruto discovers the unexpected truth about his history.


  • 埋められた追憶
  • Buried Memories
  • Umerareta Tsuioku

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