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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (2021) - Episode 19


Rimuru continues with preparations for Walpurgis, including making Treyni evolve into a Dryas Doll Dryad. Meanwhile, Benimaru and his forces have arrived in Eurazania via transport magic, and they promptly run Clayman's army into a trap set by Geld. The Three Beastketeers, determined to rescue Carrion, set out to subdue the enemy army's leader. Albis fights one-on-one with Yamza of the Five Fingers, while Phobio takes on Footman and Tear.


  • The Signal to Begin the Banquet
  • 開宴の合図
  • Ouverture du banquet
  • Kaien no Aizu

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