High School DxD OAD


Boobs Bloom! — The gang corner a maverick demon, an alchemist of monsters, and send him back to the demon world. His last words: "I already did what I had to do." and his ominous laboratory unsettle Hyoudou Issei. For good reason as it turns out, since large-breasted girls have recently been absent from school...

I Wish for Boobs! — Issei and Asia Argento, new to the business, want to find out if they are doing their jobs as devils properly by observing how the "old hands" in the gang work: Toujou Koneko provides console game training, Kiba Yuuto helps out with his high-class cooking, and Himejima Akeno provides high-profile massages — relatively benign jobs for devils. Then president Rias Gremory takes the two along for a more challenging job... find out if an ancient sarcophagus at the Egyptian museum is cursed or not... awakened from his slumber by Rias the mummy Unas immediately takes possession of Issei and will not leave his body...

Episodes 2

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