Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu


It's the era where manned spaceflight has not yet succeeded. The supreme leader of the republic announced the project to send humans up into orbit with rockets. Behind the scenes, at the end of the snowy fields of the republic, at the secret town <Laika 44>, the "Nosferatu Project" that used vampires as a substitutes for humans for rocket flight experiments was moving forward. Taking advantage of a certain incident, First Lieutenant Lev Leps was promoted from <Dropout> Cosmonaut Cadet. He was ordered to supervise the vampire girl, Irina Luminesk, who was chosen by chance to be a guinea pig.

Strict training. Continuous failed experiments. Can mankind actually reach space? The team was enveloped by such an atmosphere. Despite being made fun of by the egoist top-brass and the whims of the times, they were here, putting everything they have into aiming for distant space.

Episodes 12

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